Our gather together ethos

Inspired by Portuguese café culture, where cafe's are a way of everyday life. The wonderful inspired ethos of food, good coffee and a bringing together of friends and family. Accessible, approachable, and down to earth.Freshly ground coffee, loose tea, bakery and light eats available.

Our Coffee

Roasted in Fife and Perth.

With a. variety of tasting notes our Beans are ground fresh for each cup and milk heated to perfection. We also enjoy mixing things up at by Nova Eatery with our seasonal speciality drinks, finding flavour combinations that complement our coffee and are something a little different for you to try. Modern Standard supply our decaffeinated coffee which we grind fresh in store. We don’t believe that decaf should mean compromising on flavour and our mellow decaf blend certainly does not. Using beans from Columbia and decaffeinated by a special process using fermented sugar cane(this sticks to the caffeine and strips it from the bean without removing any flavour).

We enjoy and partner with a select and carefully picked group of coffee roasters, depending on our cafe offering and season we are delighted to currently partner with The Bean shop in Perth and will continue to use Modern Standard Coffee in-between our seasonal roast varieties.

Details available from the team on a daily basis when visiting our by Nova Eatery.

Our Loose tea

Our loose tea offers a carefully selected range of flavour, sustainably farmed with a one bud two leaf, rolled not crushed technique. A dust free colourful impact of multiple flavours. Brewed in store for 3 -5 minutes, our teas can be served hot or iced for a refreshing summer alternative to our coffee selection